Nolalu, intersection Hwy 590 and Hwy 588.


A rural community  just west of Kakabeka Falls in north west Ontario. Finnish settlers, a railway and a silver mines were the reason that Nolalu came into existence. The rail way is long gone Nolalu today is left with its colourful history, its northern lights, hills  and lakes.  A hand full of residents a golf course a post office and a general store a laundromat and a few restaurants. The resorts, the snowmobile trails,  the fishing and hunting possibilities attract people today.

Drive along Hwy #590 and #588 to see and explore for your self.  Enjoy our area with respect for residents , wildlife, and private properties bring trash back home.

Books about Nolalu area
Dorothea Mitchell born in England 1877,  the author of  the book: The Lady Lumber Jack, lived in our area arround 1910. Miss Mitchell was the station master on the PEEDEE railway line as well as post master at Silver Mountain station in Silver Mountain. Miss Mitchell owned and operated a sawmill from 1911-1920,  she is quite a remarkable lady and her book is a great read. To get a taste of this remarkable woman read her biography.

Dorothea Mitchell Biography

The Lady LumberjackThe Lady LumberJack

by Dorothea Mitchell


Against All Odds

How the remote village of Nolalu came te be and survived to become a thriving, innovative community.

by Leo Hunnakko.  2011

Find these books in local stores.

More from local authors:

Futures Past by Michael Barbeau
Futures Past (SCi-FI)

Futures Past
by Michel Barbeau. 2018

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To The Dump
Summer dump hours: May 1 – Sept 30

Adrian Lake: Wednesdays:6-8 pm & Sundays 2-5pm
Hardwick: Wednesdays 3-5 pm & Sundays: 6-8 pm

Winter Dump hours: Oct 1 – April 30th

Adrian Lake Rd Sundays: 12 pm -3 pm
Hardwick Sundays: 4 pm – 6 pm on Hwy#588
(between East Arrowlake Rd and 
Gravel Lakes Cabins

Hardwick garbage disposal on Hwy#588 between East Arrowlake Rd and Gravel Lakes Cabins



electronics E-Waste:

-Thunder Bay’s Mapleward Road dump has an e-Waste area anyone can use (you don’t have to cross the scales to get to it, so no one checks where you’re from).
Anyone can drop e-Waste off at:

Pack Pros at 1615 Rosslyn Road, M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Nolalu dump has no E-waste

North Land Lumber