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Local Services Board of Nolalu

Local Services Board of Nolalu RR 1Nolalu, ON P0T 2K0 CA

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Drive along highway 590 and 588 to see and explore for yourself.  


Nolalu is a rural community just west of Kakabeka Falls in north western Ontario. Nolalu is made up of the geographical areas of Marks, Lybster, Strange, Lismore and Hardwick Townships. 

The Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway opened in 1893 for the purpose of accessing silver mines in the district of Thunder Bay. The railway wound through Nolalu along with the Whitefish River. At the turn of the 20th century many people, particularly Finnish Immigrants, settled in the area and started homesteading and logging.

The railway is long gone but the beauty and the community of Nolalu remain.  

What's in a Name?

The name Nolalu originated from a logging company in the area called North Land Lumber. 

Books About Nolalu


The Lady Lumberjack


Dorothea Mitchell born in England 1877,  the author of  the book: The Lady Lumber Jack, lived in our area arround 1910. Miss Mitchell was the station master on the PEEDEE railway line as well as post master at Silver Mountain station in Silver Mountain. Miss Mitchell owned and operated a sawmill from 1911-1920,  she is quite a remarkable lady and her book is a great read. To get a taste of this remarkable woman read her biography.

Dorothea Mitchell Biography


Against All Odds


How the remote village of Nolalu came to be and survived to become a thriving, innovative community.


The PD Railway

For more information on the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway please visit